Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2

Man...guess what? It rained again today!

I slept in until 10, had a donut with the family. Then we all took a walk on the beach, a long ass walk. Maybe it just seemed long to me. It was totally cool to walk on the beach and see the ocean though. The waves have been small both days so far, or else I'd have been out bodyboarding and having some fun. After the walk we came back and got cleaned up, had some left overs for lunch from dinner last night, then did more shopping.

We drove back to the west part of Bradenton, almost to the interstate. There was this massive outlet mall we saw on the way in to the town that we decided we should head back to. It was definitely big - lots of stores. I followed my Mom and sister into most of them. I'd rather look around and see people and the clothes, if I didn't, I would sit with my Dad on a bench outside and watch people walk by. I like to see things. I got to buy some shits at Banana and I got these sweet old school boat shoes from this shoe place. They're totally stylin'. Oh, and this book store was going out of business - every hardback was $2 and paperback was $1. Sweet right?? I couldn't find anything though, everything must've been grabbed. I did however find this clean and colorful 2006 Usa map atlas thingy. I got that.

When it was time for dinner, we were still at the outlet mall. So we just grabbed something to eat in the foodcourt - definitely lots of selections. I got some yummy nachos and this Mexican place. After dinner we drove back to the condo.

Tonight watched a movie with the family then just chilled. Tomorrow no rain....PLEASE.

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