Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16

First day of classes! I tossed and turned so much last night, then kept checking the clock because I was freaking out I missed my first class. By the time it was 9, I had probably got out of bed to check the alarm clock 5 or 6 times, but it was finally time to hit the shower. I threw some clothes and arranged my schedule for the day, writing down the right buildings and rooms to attend.

Econ was first today at 10am. This econ class will be so much easier than last semesters. It is in Allen for one thing, and also I won't have that awful professor I had last semester. That old man was smart, but he just couldn't convey his knowledge to us very well. Anyway the econ class went well. We did some introduction things where you say your name and what your interests are to "break the ice" in the classroom. Fuck that! We're not in 4th grade, just teach the freakin' class.

Lunch went alright. The toasted cheese was surprisingly good, maybe they've learned something over break.

Business Calculus came next. I walked out to the quad, which btw is quite a far walk in the freezing weather. The class went okay, the TA jumped right into the first 2 sections. I sort of grasped it, but later tonight Gina helped me with the hw. XD

Rhet went alright. The professor seems a little out there but probably a good guy. We didn't have to do any work, instead we did the "break the ice" routines and stated our names and whatnot. Seems like we don't have any tests or anything like that, only some papers. Papers or tests??

Well probably the best class of the semester came next, Intro to Advertising. I met up with Samantha in the entry of Lincoln Hall and we found a seat in the massive lecture hall. That building is so old! It seriously looks like something out of old 1800's movie but only decaying and brown. Ew. Well when you get past the interior of the room, the actual class seems awesome. The professor is way cool and the way he talked up a career in Adv and telling us about the cool ad layouts we're going to have to work on, I got excited. Could be way fun!!

After advertising me and Samantha decided to make a run through the book stores and pick up any last minute books. I made it back to Allen just in time for dinner, which sucked AGAIN. Ew. Following dinner me, Steph, and Caitlin decided to make a run to champaign for a few things. We got in Steph's car at Daves and headed into town. Our little shopping spree didn't last long, and soon I was back doing math homework. I needed help from Gina and she definitely helped.

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