Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 15

Today I slept in to about noonish. Then I talked to Ria and we hit up lunch and some yummy chicken patty sandwiches for lunch. Well, those chicken pattys are probably one of the only things I have missed. The dorm food isn't going to well so far and I am definitely missing my Mom's food at home.

For the rest of the afternoon me, Ria, and Mathew hit up some book stores and rented a movie. We came back to Allen and watched 'The Saddest Music Ever Played'. It was completely messed up but at the same time very cool. It's a recent movie, but shot in a way to look really, really old - I don't really understand why. Anyway it's some pretentious art flick and of course it received many awards. Still, it was worth seeing. Canadian film-makers could take over the world someday, watch out.

Until dinner I just chilled. Once at dinner I came to the conclusion again that I really miss home cooked food. Dinner sucked!

I hung out with Gina and we watched the 2nd part of the premiere of 24. Okay these types of shows are very dangerous, you get hooked so fast. And..well..it's already happened. 24 is awesome! After the episiodes, me and gina went to visit Evan. It was good to see him and visit the house. I hadn't seen or talked to him in a while so that was good.

Now back at Allen Im organizing some folders and notebooks, trying to get ready for tomorrow. All that's left is to check the map! 2nd semester!

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