Monday, January 15, 2007

January 14

Today it's back to Allen and the UofI. The break was awesome and so much fun. I am sort of sad it's over. Im probably going to seriously miss my room and my own bed. I'll get over it though.

All morning and afternoon my Mom helped me pack and get things together. I forgot how much stuff I had to bring back. I took a shower and then my grandparents came over for dinner. My Mom cooked up some big dinner, which by the way was really yummy, and my grandma made cherry pie! After desert I packed the car, gave some really long hugs and goodbyes, then jumped in the car and drove off.

The drive to Allen was horrible. It was raining heavily the entire time. People were passing me and going way fast, I couldn't deal with that. I took my time and just went the speed limit. I know, I'm a baby.

When I arrived, I took a couple trips taking bags into the room. I saw my roommate right away, he was getting some guys together to watch the 24 premiere. After I unloaded my car, I changed shoes and grabbed an umbrella then drove to the parking lot and parked the car. The walk back was fine as long as you have an umbrella. Back at Allen I started putting all the shit away, took forever. Steph came and found me, but the room was still a disaster so I told her I'd come find her in a bit. Once I was finished I ran upstairs and said hello to everyone with hugs.

The rest of the night we just chilled. Ola had a birthday party with sparkling grape juice, I mean...that stuff is so good! Then later we just hung out at Daves. I walked Gina back and we watched some Mr. Bean, then it was time for bed.

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