Friday, January 26, 2007

January 17

Second day of classes. On wednesdays I have Computer Science and then math later after lunch. I walked to CS with virginia. We basically have the same schedule this year, so we're always together! CS seems like it won't be too hard at all. I looked over part of the midterm and I like knew half of the answers. Thanks myspace for your html coding!

After lunch I hit the math lecture. Okay I don't really think the dude knows what he's doing. Math could totally own my soul this semester. I completely despise math. I haven't taken it since Junior year of high school, so this could be a major disaster.

Other than math nothing really exciting happened today. After dinner I had my first CS lab. It is of course taught my someone who can't speak english clearly, but good thing I have some computer skills. I understood it all.

I have a good feeling about this semester.

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