Monday, January 01, 2007

December 31

Well we made it to Florida. Anna Maria Island to be correct. It's some small island off the coast, south of Tampa - just to the west of Brandenton. Anyho, we arrived about 4.30-5ish. The whole day was spent driving. We left Atlanta pretty early this morning. I awoke to my grandparents fiddling with things in the kitchen. I threw some clothes on and had a glass of orange juice and a donut with them. We said our goodbyes and told them we'd be back in a week - their house is basically a halfway point from here back to home, so it's a free hotel.

The ride seemed a little longer than the other day. I didn't get to sleep as much as the other drive, this time only sleeping until 10...not 11. Haha. Me and my sister watched movies and I checked out some of the old 50's tunes I nabbed from my grandparents CD collection. "Fabulous Fifties" has some pretty rockin' tunes guys!

So Florida. Okay, we normally stay in Destin, Fl. A very touristy area towards the north, up by Panama City. Destin is very new, with lots of high rises, shops and restaurants. We always go to Destin, so we know the city like it was our own. Well....this isn't the case for this week of vacation. I've heard this area called "old Florida". I should have been scared from the beginning when I heard this. "Old Florida" consists of no buildings higher than 4 stories, a bunch of old..erm very old homes, little to no shops, and basically 4 restaurants in the whole town. Now I'm not complaining! It's just way different from what Im used to.

Tonight after we got to the condo, a pretty nice loft condo...decorated nicely, we all got cleaned up, then took the usual drive to see what's around. I began to become more and more scared with the fact there's nothing around. We must've drove for a half hour to find a place to have dinner. We ended up a some Chinese buffet like at home. The food was good and I ate too much.

Oh...HAPPY NEW YEARS! That's right it's 2007! Crazy isn't it! Me and my sister watched the ball drop from the couch cuddled into some blankets. I knew all my friends were back at home, at a party having way more fun that me. But year I shall do that. I hope you all have an awesome 2007 - make some good resolutions.

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