Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 30

Dad nudged me out of bed pretty early this morning and had me relocate to the back guest room because the couch is right out in the open. My grandparents house is basically one giant room with two bedrooms attached to my aunts house. They moved here from Arizona a while back when they figured they were getting old and my grandma was complaining about the heat there. (So why live in Arizona? She just likes to complain I think.)

I was made to get out of bed by 9.30 for a pancake breakfast. Don't you hate the big breakfasts? It always forces you to get out of bed way before you want to, and no one is even really hungry, especially for a stack of pancakes, a runny egg, and a pile of bacon and sausage. Yippe!

Ah, but whatever. I didn't shower until really late. I basically lounged around all day - it was basically a waste. There were some pretty interesting shows on: Top 20 music videos of 2006! The Lost Dinosaur of Minnesota!...and my favorite, Fox News! There are two televisions in this house. One at one end of the long room, another at the other. I stay at the one to the east, constantly. Down at the other end Fox News is on 24/7. It's the only station my grandparents know exists. "Channel 56" my grandma will say. I have probably heard her tell my Dad or sister to return the tv to that station a million times. I wouldn't mind if it was a decent station, but it ruins their minds! It feeds their nasty super conservative ideals. For one, every time some fire burning in the streets of Iraq, my grandma will bark, "Gah those muslims." It's freaking TERRIBLE to witness. You think there's people like this in like, Alabama and Mississipi..but it's weird when people so unintelligent are apart of your family. The James Brown funeral was also a big deal today on the news. I made sure to keep CNN on at the other end of the house because both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were screaming in praise, and of course my grandparents couldn't take it. I..just laugh.

My family went out to do some shopping, but I didn't go. I promised to be showered and dressed by the time they got back - and I was. We went out to a local restaurant "Buffalo Bills". Woo. The food was alright and everyone seemed happy. We got back to the house, it was 7.30 and it was like people were already ready for bed. Well, I wasn't. I fixed the surround sound speakers then sat down with my aunt and watched Little Miss Sunshine - she hadn't seen it yet. Okay I love this movie now. I don't know why I was so reluctant to love it in the beginning. I was taking it too seriously. Taking a step's hilarious! Awesome.

Tomorrow we leave for Florida, probably super early again. Ah'll just sleep in the car. Maybe I can sleep until 11 again and skip half the trip.

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