Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 29

My Dad woke me up this morning at, uh 5.30am? Crazy early! I was very grumpy, but I threw some clothes on and chucked my bag into the back of the van, grabbed a pillow and fell back asleep in the car. When I woke up it was 11am and we were in Tennessee. That little snooze knocked off 1/2 the car ride. Road trips aren't normally that big of a deal, plus the car has a dvd player. I listened to my ipod and watched 'Catch Me If you Can'. That movie is sooo good, I love it - the only time I ever watch it/have time to see it is in the car normally on road trips. AHh it's awesome.

We got here in roughly 10 hours, there was some traffic in Nashville, but we avoided it with use from the road map. When you think about it, city traffic is normally pretty easy to get around. Just get off the damn highway and take a side-street or the frontage road. But I could be just kidding myself. I'm such the city boy.

Arrived here at the grandparents about an hour before dinner. My grandma, "Nanny", and my grandpa, "Poppy", both seemed very happy to see me and my sister. (PS - Don't you love it how every kid makes up some silly nickname for their grandparents? Where did this idea come from? Basically everyone I know does this crazy name calling. I want to know it's source.) Anyway, "Nanny" cooked up some streak for dinner. My Dad cooked it on the grill. It was good and after dinner we had some small deserts, then I attempted the family movie - but soon I understood it just wasn't going to work. Mission Impossible 3 starts out with a torture scene, my Mom couldn't handle that. The sound system was screwing up, and both my grandparents couldn't hear what was going on. The thermostat was somehow stuck on 75 degrees, so the fan above was spinning so fast I thought the whole house was going to take off and lift up past the evergreens outside. REGARDLESS - We finally finished the movie, my grandparents said goodnight about halfway through, my Dad and aunt Janice stayed for the finish.

Tomorrow I honestly don't know what we're gonna do. My Dad tries to stay in control all the time and this hose is in such disarray he's about to loose it, plus the fact that he has to watch his Mom and Dad struggle to get around the house. My grandma had a heart attack at thanksgiving this year, my grandpa just had one. Both have been told to stay away from alcohol, but no one can stop their "cocktails" - at least 2 a day. It's actually just really depressing.

Im sleeping on the couch tonight, looks like there's a marathon of 'Run's House' on VH1. I'll watch that. night.

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