Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 28

Today was pretty chill. Woke up around 11, had my usual frosted flakes and a banana and took a seat in the den. Watched some old AMC movie while I ate. My dad showed up for lunch. He watched the end of "The Game" with me. Awesome movie with Michael Douglas if you've never seen it - check it out. After he left I went out to the garage and played drums and worked out, got a call from Mom. She said she was bringing me home some Subway..yay!

Greeted them and ate the 6inch and cookies. Hung out until 4ish, then got in the shower. I met Clayton at his house around 5 to exchange gifts. I think he liked the book, I got a cool shirt from American Apparel - uh oh.

Dinner at Grandparents. Spaghetti is delicious at the Italians house.

Back at home to chill and pack for tomorrow. Leave bright and early for Florida. I'll try to update from there. If not, see you in a week!

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