Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 26

My Mom and sister woke up early this morning to hit the stores and return things. I thought about going with them but it was just too early, and this bed is just way to hard to get out of - especially when you have nothing to do. So I lazily slept until 11, then made myself some cereal and messed around in the garage.

After getting cleaned up I gave Kelsey a call. I drove over and picked her up. We ran into town for a little. We've both got so many gift cards, thought it'd be a good idea to use one or two. Stopped at Best Buy, which was a mad house. I returned the Life Aquatic because I want to buy the Criterion Collection version online. Then we browsed the Dvds. I picked up Amelie but later put it down. I ended up with both Bourne movies and Collateral, which I've never seen. Hopefully it's good..I've heard it is. And Im on a spy movie binge right now - can't get enough.

Allison met up with us at Best Buy. We left her car in the parking and decided to go get some Starbucks and chat. I don't normally buy a drink at Starbucks, and it's a good thing I didn't because the lady behind the counter accidentally made the wrong drink I guess, so she asked if anyone wanted it - I snagged it. A free mocha can be yummy. As we drove back to Best Buy Kelsey realized she had left her purse at Starbucks. So she got in the car with Allison, they drove to Starbucks and got the purse. I told them just to meet me back at my house.

At home we had some actually really tasty chicken fingers and fries, along with carrots and dip, oh and the bread was good. We hung out and played some Wii. We got bored, so we decided to drove to the new arcade plays up on 6th street "Kicks" was sorta lame so we left. We ended up driving out into the country where me and Kelsey always explore. As we were driving this soybean field looked pretty flat, so we were like, "What the hell... lets go for a ride." And we did. Up and around and through the field. It was pretty fun. On our way back to get on the road we discovered a motocross course. We took some of the hill and made my car literally almost flip over..oops. Super fun.

Watched Bourne Identity when I got back by myself. Then deleted my myspace. Yup.

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noxious said...

You deleted your Myspace?? What are all the little indie girls gonna do without their cutie!?