Monday, December 25, 2006

December 25

Merry Christmas!

This morning I woke up to the family sitting around that tree and the pile of presents. I guess I slept too long, and ignored the countless yells and nudges from my Dad. Finally I awoke and stumbled to the family room. I took a seat and we first all took turns undoing the stockings. Then we tackled the presents under the tree, gift by gift. "Santa" brings me and my sister equal gifts. Which normally means, I ask for some movies, a video games, and a few clothes. So she ends up with way more boxes. Oh well. I know it's fair.

My grandparents stopped by to check out the gifts and have a little breakfast casserole. I guess they stop by every of their kid's houses on Christmas morning. We hear the details on how "crazy" some houses are, or what people got. Woopie. I think the best part of the morning was letting my parents and sister open the gift I bought them. This goes along with that whole christmas spirt-mumbo jumo I was discussing yesterday. But it felt nice! To see them open my gifts.

For the rest of the afternoon everyone basically chilled. Tried on some clothes - adding them to the 'wash pile' or the 'take back' pile. For not helping her one bit, I was pretty happy with what my Mom bought. There's this green jacket she found that's super cool. I tried new Wii game and took a shower.

Headed back to grandparents for Christmas dinner. Only one other family was there. Ham and potatoes for dinner, plus a salad. For desert we all had christmas cookies. Wow...everyone has so many cookies. Later that night Kelsey drove by and picked me up. We came back to my house and played some Wii, then watched Little Miss Sunshine and MI:3. It was my first time seeing Little Miss Sunshine. The movie isn't really what I was expecting, but I liked could grow on me.

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