Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 9

Tomorrow's already friday?? Whaaa? The weeks seriously go by so fast here. Good thing I've been keeping up with shit. Lots of stuff due next week. But then it's Thanksgiving break and an awesome week of nothing and Wii.

After all classes today, went on a walk with Gina. We adventured down into Urbana once again, visiting the park and roaming around. When we got back to Allen we decided to chill by the pond for a while, it was just too nice out to go back inside. Then we had the idea to explore the greenhouses, so we did that and actually were able to get inside. Awesome in there, way cool.

Back in my room I was like, Im not wasting this day, so I randomly took a bike ride out to green street. Browsed through EB and looked around. Back in time for dinner, then the Office and the OC.

Studying later. Econ Quiz tomorrow.

Once done with that, it's just Econ Essay Test...then History paper to finish up...and I'm done. woot


cathrina said...

the pics are fantastic.. how did the exm go?


why didn't you dudes stop by?

we could have watched Oprah together

tisk tisk