Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 10

After the econ quiz around noon today I was done with classes. Played some video games and chilled. Worked on the paper a bit.

Around 4 went to the mall with Ria, Paulina, Ola and Carl. First tho we hit up the Salvation Army. Ria and Paulina found a bunch of sweet stuff as usual, I didn't get much. Ola got some cowboy boots..haha. When we left the thrift stop it was suddenly super cold, windy and almost sleeting. Yea..intense.

At the mall we hit up a bunch of stores after we got dinner at the food court. Taco Bell? Yum. I bought a pair of jeans (ouch). Everyone else got a bunch of little things. Overall a good shopping adventure.

Went out for the night with Steph to the russian rave...I wasn't impressed. Met gina there. After a while we went back to dave's house and hung out.

it was a good night.

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