Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 11

The other day Gina and I went for a walk out, it was so nice. Got alot of good photos and we even got to explore the greenhouse...exciting!

Today tho was the usual brunch at noon, then alot of chill time. Did a bit of homework then had a long chat with gina. We discussed alot of stuff and the time went so fast! After dinner me and Paulina decided to go crazy at game night. We stole alot of food and owned some people in Guitar Hero..lolzz. Ben's band played downstairs after that and we checked them out. They were actually reallyreally good. I liked it alot. Guitar + Violin is pretty.

Out on the town Sat night. There was a IRL srsly candy rave. And it was so out of control, and so much fun. Candy necklaces..Ring Pops..Misshapes style Djs..hahaha ohman.

I feel lots of work tomorrow, but it's Sunday so that's what Sundays are for I guess.

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