Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8

Econ pop quiz this morning, but I totally pwnd it.

After psych did lunch with friends, then chilled 'till History DR.

All afternoon I planned out my paper and got 2 or 3 papes written. Shouldn't be a big deal, Im almost done and it'sdue in like over a week. Once I get this done/written out, maybe I'll stop by my TA and get some extra tips and help. Around 3 I went for a walk to the quad with Stef. Sat on the quad and talked, just wasting time until my psych study at 4. One big test - boring.

Worked more on my paper until dinner. After that, started doing physics.

Soon it'll be the weekend, then one more week, then home & Wii & Friends.

Btw, all pics are now updated!! Yay. Sorry I was just behind. Check em out!

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