Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7

gasp?! They're so high now. Isn't it awesome?

After lunch with Ria and Paulina, we attempted to vote, only to find out we needed "proof of ID that we live in Allen". So we were forced to come back later, we had to hurry to physics anyway. Me and paulina had ourselves our own little bike ride to physics. On the way back we timed it. Takes us only about 3 minutes to get there....bikes are nice.

All afternoon I got really distracted with Wind Waker. So distracted that I missed this psych study I signed up for at 3. Ah well, I signed up for another.

After dinner played some smash bros, did Econ review, and hung out.

Wednesday already?

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Alley said...

Your room is totally pimped out Justin.