Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 27

Back to classes today. I might've accidently, and did wake up an hour early today. QUIET! It wasn't my fault...well maybe I did set the alarm an hour earlier than the normal time. So I strolled out of bed and made it to the quad by 8am! When I got there I was thinking...why is there no one out here? In the end I guess it worked out, there was an 8am lecture for my class but I did miss out on an hour of sleep. I will need to make that up tomorrow.

Basically I was just super tired the rest of the day, did a bit of studying for physics. Had dinner with everyone then played a shit load of Zelda. I might be totally addicted - this could result in a bad grade in Phys..but we'll see.

Walked to Late night with steph and theresa tho. Got some goods for the rest of the week.

Well I am out, night.

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