Monday, November 27, 2006

November 26

Back to champaign-urbana and the joys of Allen hall.

Once I moved all my crap into the room, I drove Kristin to her car then she accompanied me to the Mall. I needed to exchanged those $jeans$ because they ripped. So I got some new ones and we got out of there.

Back at Allen I found steph, v, and gina waiting at my door. We had a moment I think. lol

We all chilled in my room and ordered pizza because the dinning hall was closed. Good times - this is the part I missed over break. Later evan stopped by to check out the Wii. By then it was almost time to hit the sheets. I am super tired and have to get up at 8am tomorrow!...something I haven't done for a week. Damn.

Almost 2 week's 'till Xmas Break.

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