Monday, November 27, 2006

November 25

Last day of Thanksgiving/Fall break. It was a good one, filled with some hilarious moments, boring times, tons of chill time with friends, and lots of Wiiiiii. All in all I really enjoyed being home for this week - kinda makes me want Xmas break to come sooner than ever. But no biggie, it's only, what, like 2 1/2 weeks until break? woot

Didn't go to the bonfire, probably should've, but instead Dan came over later. It was nice to see him and hang out since we didn't really get a chance to all week. Played some wii - wii sports especially. Who kicked whos ass in bowling? Me of course! XD

It's sort of late and I need to be getting back into the "school" routine. So g'night

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