Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 24

I got a call this morning in bed from Kristin at about 6am? She was out and about shopping on black friday. Thankfully I didn't spot anything I really needed in the adds to rush out and wait in line at 4am to try and I slept haha. Anyway she was out with her friend Megan and wondered where I was...I replied.."Uhhh in bed?" Lol I guess not everyone goes hardcore on black friday...(even tho I normally would).

By noon I had gotten up, showered and had something to eat...and was ready to just go out and do something. Before I could I needed to help my Dad with the Xmas light on the house. Thankfully we don't like cover the entire house in decorations, just a simple strand of light on the gutter - it's still a tough job tho.

Kelsey called and we both wanted to get out, so we just went shopping to try and experience black friday a little. Checked out best buy and I found ladysov's CD for only 7 bucks! So I picked that up, and we browsed the $5 DVD rack but didn't find anything we wanted. After best buy we drove to Circuit city for more dvd sales, but didn't find anything we needed either. Barnes and noble was crazy too.

Out to dinner with neighbors for dinner to the International buffet. It was good..just another americanized buffet place. As usual I just a seseme check and rice :]

Arrived early to set up speakers for Clayton's party. Once everything was in place, we rushed to Cub Food's with mallory for a few last minute items. When we got back people were already arriving at the house. To make it short, the whole night was out of control. Dancing..buck wyldzz...omgz!

But it's super late and time for bed.

Can't believe there's only 1 full day of break went so fast!!

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