Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 28

Totally caught up on all my sleep guys! Probably logged 9 hours...woot. haha It felt so good.

History lecture this morning then nothing until lunch over in LAR with everyone at 11. Field of Greens is starting to slip down farther and farther on my list of places to eat (which sadly only includes 2) every time I eat there. The entrees normally just suck and/or I won't eat them...AND they never have that nacho dip anymore. bitches.

Physics review lecture, then lots of studying and zelda (of course). Up until dinner when I got to see everyone again. At dinner I...1) Showed everyone Stephanie's little video on my phone which she then got mad at me for. But she knows i love her :p 2) Inform everyone of Clayton's upcoming buckwyldness this weekend (ps im so excited) and 3) get my phone stolen by Virginia then battle stephanie in the dinning hall for it - and I lost (someday I'll beat you).

Ah well...if you were able to comprehend that paragraph of jumbled punctuation, in which I probably broke a hundred grammar rules...congrats!!

After the physics exam to night, that went good -> so so, I played some Zelda and then hung out with steph over at Daves. We watched the last half of Rocky, which I had never seen. But am glad I have now I guess. Rocky 6 soon? woah.

So now I'm sitting out on the couch with Ian. He's furiously studying psych and I am...what else!? Updating the blog. So long


noxious said...

Clayton's getting buckwild again!/!?

Is he going to Champaign?

noxious said...

That photo is weird.