Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 21

Everyone left my house early this morning, so I was left and told not to sleep the day away...oops. Yeah, I might've woken up at 12.30 but it's all good. I got cleaned up and ate some food, played a bit of Zelda.

Adventured with Kelsey all afternoon. I needed some photos badly and it turned out to be really fun. We decided to travel towards the Lincoln Memorial Gardens but soon began to become distracted. We first tried to enter the Zoo, but we were not about to pay 4 bucks to see that sucky Zoo. Then I remembered this crazy museum out in the middle of nowhere, sort of near Mallory's house..the horse museum? Haha it was scary. Lots of sweet pics tho.

Started to head towards Nelson Center after our crazy truckin's through the wilderness, we even found a little couch up in the middle of this road. Of course we had to take some pics! To kill a bit of time before open skate started, we explored Carpentar Park. God, I hadn't been there in years. I remember we used to go all the time for field trips with school, and there used to be these Thanksgiving day walks there with my Dad's co-workers. Fun stuffffff

Ice skating was fun, especially because Nelson Center is so disorganized we just walked on the ice and skated for free. Drove back to my house through some well liked rush hour traffic. Spfld with traffic helps it thrive a bit lol.

Yummy dinner with Grandparents later after I got my grandpa to play some Wii Sports. I think he dug it. After some brownies for desert I think I sat and played Zelda for like 5 hours lol. At least until 10.30 because Kristin got ahold of me seeing if I wanted to chill at her house and watch a movie, I was up for it since the night hadn't been too productive. We watched Fern Gully? haha. Craziness.


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