Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 22

Visited the High School today with Kristin and Clayton. It was a bit, ok alot, of trouble trying to get in - visitors pass and everything. But eventually we got through "security" and headed to Mr. Welches room. Haha I think I missed him, he's so funny. We also stopped by the french teachers room, Ms. Jarvis, andd some science teachers. All in all it was a good trip/visit...I don't think I am ready to go back tho.

Had some chinese with Clayton after that, it was like 2 and I hadn't eaten anything since like I woke up lol. But that wasn't a bit deal I guess because I woke up at like noon. Seseme chicken is always good.

Chilled all night, had left overs for dinner. Ryan showed up later asking to "jam" again...oh jeeze. Headed to clayton's house later. We stormed the town! Actually it was a disaster lol. We were seriously just looking for one fun party or something, but didn't find any. We even resorted to seeing if the teen dance club 'Club 217' was open..but it wasn't lol. Downtown was definitely hopping tho but you need to be 21 for everything. Prisms "Are you SURE you're not 21?"

Visited friends in Auburn, Erik was there. Bond marthon and food. It was nice to see maggie and Erik, hadn't seen them in a while. I guess she got excited about the Urbana dance parties...she better come visit!!

Before heading home we visited Mallory at Meijer. She was camping out for a $499 plasma tv. daUmn! I would've stayed but I've had enough "camping" for like, a long time. haha

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noxious said...

Lmao... this picture... I love. If I was your mom, it would def be my Facebook profile picture.