Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 20

Wii day is over and all my sleep is caught up since I slept 'till almost noon today..haha.

Decided not to visit Mr. Welch until Wed, so I did some shopping with my Mom until my haircut at 2pm. It's nice to actually get a real haircut for once..normally I just trim it myself and it usually works. But Im happy with the end result. It was even a new girl, the lady my Mom now goes too. I think i'll go back.

Grocery shopping with Mom. While at Cub gave Gina a call, nice talking to her. Chilled at grandmas until it was time to get Christin from pom practice.

'Till dinner I of course played Wii because I basically had no time to do so all afternoon. So awesome.

Later hung with Ryan and Kelsey. We went to visit some of Ryan's friend from Augustana. Me and Kelsey didn't stay long, it was sorta awkward. Ryan stayed and went home with Brian Spring. Back at my house I introduced Kelsey to WiiSports and she fell in love. another nongamer!!

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