Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 19

So I probably did the most ridiculous thing I've ever done last night. I sat outside of Target for 9 hours waiting for a Wii. From around 9pm 'till 7.30am. Wow...no one realizes how SLOW time goes when you're sitting in a lawn chair, starring at a parking lot in 38 degree weather with wind. Oh, and it is basically impossible to sleep because A, you're sitting up and B, there's normally at least 2 people talking at all times. This one man next to me would NOT shut up for the life of him. I seriously know more about this man than like, my best friend. Ridiculous.

By 6 the sun was starting to come up, and by 7 people were getting antsy. I was too of course. Ready to get this Wii purchased and go home and take one long nap. They handed out tickets at 7. I was #12 out of 24 Wiis at Target. Popped over to McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich in between then and 8am. At 8 I casually walked into Target, grabbed a copy of Zelda, bought it, and headed home.

...Of course I didn't take a nap! What'd I do? Play Wii! Oh god so awesome!!

Throughout the day my Mom, Sister and Grandma all played Wii Sports and learned to play it and have fun in seconds. It really brought a smile to my face, knowing Nintendo's whole idea of "bringing gaming to the masses" might actually..work?

Later that night my Dad came home from hunting and got to see him, then Kristin and Clayton hung out 'till late. We played Wii sports and made a Mii for some friends and strangers. WhoopieG!

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