Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2

Only 2 days 'till I get to go home. Yeah, home on Friday. Just for one night tho. It'll be nice to see folks and just chill at home. Home is good.

It was quite chilly out this morning, but I've basically stolen Virginia's bike and use it now. So I'm zippin' around campus on her stylin' pink and white bike. Oh yeah out.

Haha, besides all that. Nothing's really going on.

Oh! The loft kit was delivered today. Steph and Jeff helped me set it up. Works out pretty well, so far Im impressed with the amount of space. Change is good. Now I'll I need is the couch...

The OC is back. I dunno how I feel about it. It's almost a different show without Marissa, I desperately want it to get cheerful again. And I so hope they bring back the cute blonde from season 1 or 2 that tried to steal Seth from Summer. Woah she was cool.

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