Friday, November 03, 2006

Novemvber 3

Drove home with Michelle after classes this morning. We got back at 3ish.

Just chilled at home. Really nice to see everyone and get laundry done for free..haha!

Went out for dinner later with grandparents at mexican place, it was yummy. Before heading the the gramps house for cake afterward, we made a short stop at Shop-Ko and got my footon thingy. It's so awesome. The only tricky part is gonna be putting it together, hah.

Hung out with Molly and Dan later. We attempted to go to some parties that Molly or Dan knew of, but both were a disaster..soo....what else to do in Springfield...we headed to Starbucks and then chilled at Erins, lol. Nah it was a good time. We watched tv, talked about halloween craziness and ate popcorn.


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