Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1

Ah, November already? Time goes so quick.

Halloween is over and everyone's getting hyped for turkeys and the one week holiday at home with no homework and just family. (That week will be extra exciting because the wii comes out...woah yay!)

Wednesdays are always slow for me, just two classes. The last one being in I'm normally here all day. I did however, order the loft kit. So hopefully that comes soon. Im gonna loft my bed, get it up out of the way. Maybe even convince Ryan to do the same. That way I can get some type of footon or couch, put it under my bed, then put the tv and fridge misc. things under his.

Later tonight me and Steph chilled at Daves house. Laguna beach is back. Oh, and tomorrow the OC?

Pretty sweet right?

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