Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August 1

It's August already?!

Today worked downtown 'till 11, then lifeguarded in Auburn 12-4. It was freakin' HOT. Wow..I figured it'd either be really crowded, or nearly empty..and to my luck it was super crowded. And the kids were being stupid, but I got to have my snacks down in the AC bar with was nice.

After work went on the lake with Ryan and Clayton. Clayton had troubles with his jet ski in the beginning, but I somehow sat on it and made it work. We road around, then did a single person tube beind the jet ski. It was fun, it's a double tube, but we put 1 person on it, so you have to move around to keep it balanced. Funnn. Afterward Clayton and Ryan's jet ski were at my beach, and Clayton couldn't get his started again. So I hopped on and I didn't have the "Magic touch" this time lol. So we tied it up, and I guess his dad came later to pick it up and drag it to some other house on lake.

After dinner and all, got cleaned up and went to Erins, me and Clayton. Briand and Becca were there. We wanted to get Starbucks, but it was closed. So we endedup liberating gnomes from people's yard, oh yeah and Christ the King is for sale now. go look.

Hahaha..fun times.

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noxious said...

I like #1. It's cute ^_^

I poured cold water on your feet.