Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 2

Worked the same schedule as yesterday today. Downtown then lifeguard. It was super hot again, but if you got in the pool it wasn't bad.

It's weird, I want it to be fall now since that means cool weather and collge. It's different tho, cause if it was high school. I'd so rather stay hot than go to school.

After work, chilled at home had some dinner then got cleaned up and headed to Erin's house for Project Runway. We had some time so we watched a bit of the OC (I saw the episiode with The Killers! They look so young!) and then watched hellogoodbye's live dvd. It was awesomeeee..I gotta see them live.

Project runway was good. Keith is gone..I mean, that's what you get for using the pattern books. After the show we were hungry so made a run to Meijer and picked up some pizza bites or w/e they're called. Cooked 'em, ate 'em, laughed, said goodbyes and went home.

Tomorrow lifeguard 4-8, downtown first. Then....I dunna?!

Starbucks is yummy btw.

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noxious said...

Ah, #2 is very calming.