Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31

Ok. I might've just randomly bought a tix to this show in chicago. BUT it's worth it.

Art Brut
We Are Scientists
Spinto Band

@ Metro, Chicago - Thursday, October 12



Anyway, today I worked downtown 'till almost 5. Yeah, but I need the money for next year i guess.

After work I kinda just chilled all evening. Took pics, listened to new tunes, made a video which sorta made me sad. I mean all this is changing and people are moving away...I look back at high school and it went so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in band, chatting with the drummers..laughing at Mr. Jones, whishing so much to get out of school. Idk, I just wish I could have another day or two of that. Not only that, the summer has gone by so fast...the last summer. Man.

Here's the video I made if you're interested. YouTube sucks and made it grainy, but you get the picture

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Dan said...

wow that video was amazing

it's sad