Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8

Today Ryan and Dan came over in the afternoon. We hung out and then went out on the lake. Did some jet skiing and tubing. Dan def had a bit of trouble staying on the tube haha. It was funny and fun.

Hmm..they left about when it was dinner time. My aunt came up from Georgia to bring my grandparents back home. They finally get to leave! It seems like they've been here forever, 2 weeks is a damn long time. But I'm glad she had her little problem here and not down there.

After dinner I picked up Dan and we planned to see Pirates with clayton and Brian - my cousins didn't want to go because they planned to see it with their friends back in AZ. Well, we got there at it was PACKED. We were gonna see the 9 - sold out. The 10.15 and 10.45 already had low seating, and I wasn't about to wait that long. Nathan showed up in the parking lot, and we talked for a while.

Decided to go to Barnes and Noble then Starbucks. We ran into Erin, Becca, and thier friend there. We all hung out - it was cool.

They all decided to head downtown for the taste of springield, but I had to head home.

On the way home stopped at Marie's and uploaded the videos from lindsay's camera of the other night - OUTBACK. sunday!

I didn't have any time to take pics, but here's 2 old ones.