Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 7

Im super tired and don't have my camera or computer - I'm on the PC.

I'll do an update tomorrow and hopefully some videos!

yea..tonigt was crazyyy.


Friday was CRAZY, as I said. Basically no down time.

Work, then home to change, then "Outback".

Ok. Outback is this out of control video scavenger hunt thing that Brian Spring and Kevein I. set up. We split into teams with a video camera, got in a car and were given a clue as to where the first mission sheet was hidden. We raced to it, got the sheet at Coz's Pizza and road off. Here's what basically what went down:

-Barnes and Noble disruption. Ran through screaming "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!"
-Public Fight outside Barnes and Noble
-Picked up supplies at Kristin's friend's house
-Parked downtown
-Got the second mission sheet at the top of the parking garage
-Antiqued people from the top. A family and a Man LOL.
-Interviewed Lincoln
-Sang "Jingle Bells" to a crowd
-Attempted to sell lots of beeds
-Bought a firework from a homeless man
-Stalled a Hilton elevator
-Road up and down another parking ramp
-Ran into a bolling alley and played on someone's game
-Played twister inside Bob Evans
-Stopped at one of my teammates house to get more supplys
-She jumped into a pool
-I ran down her street almost naked
-Stopped at Clayton's house
-Spraypainted a penis on the sidewalk
-Did a blitz to the back of meijer and back in a shopping cart
-Caution taped a street in panther creek

We won.

and yes, it's all on video.

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