Friday, July 07, 2006

July 6

Dan took this one:

Today I worked downtown 'till noon when I met up with my cousins for lunch. We roamed around the streets and went in shops. I found this kickass little restaurant I want to go to someday. We had subway. I drove Lindz and Christin back to grandparents house, stopping at Best Buy to get an SD adapter for my camera. yay.

Hung out for the rest of the afternoon till dinner. Came home, had chicken wingsss

After dinner Kelsey came over and we watched some of the band's so "sacred". sister tagged along as we went to get Dan. I dropped her off at grandparents house to stay the night with the AZ cousins. We roamed around town, and parts of old Chatham. Took pictures. We found this old railroad out by my friend Adam's house. We got on it, but soon got scared.

Somehow we made it down into Auburn determined to get into this old house. We bought a flashlight, parked the car and entered. It was pretty scare..not gonna lie. What freaked me out the most was when Kelsey died when she saw a bird in the house. I knew she was deathly afraid lol..So, when the flashlight hit the bird on the ceiling and it starting circling around..she def wasn't calm. We explored all that house and didn't really find anything - except for a strange door on the 2nd floor that just walks out to nothing. Dododododododo

Tomorrow downtown, then auburn 12-4.


noxious said...

lmao... you own the world in that last photo

Dan said...