Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9

Today everyone had breakfast, Keith came down from Chicago, everyone said goodbye and it was over. 5 min after they left I went into a crazy ass cleaning routine and scrubbed down my room. It was so nasty and smelled like old people. It's better now tho.

All afternoon I hung out, took pictures (yay finally), played drums, cleaned my drawers in my deak (yup I did it evan). After lunch I got cleaned up and talked about trying to see Pirates again.

Went to pirates at 9 - rode with Ryan. Clayton, Kristin, Brian, Kelsey, and Dan came too. The movie was awesomely entertaining, maybe not as "engrossing" as the first because I'll admit I did check my watch a couple times. It was long, but I was never done. Disney/ILM did a KICKASS job with the visual effects.

Tomorrow I'm back to downtown then work 12-4. g'night I need sleep.

Summer is in full swing, soon to reach it's peak - then the leaves star to fall and school begins.


What's this?
Do you believe it?
They've spotted us.
Our time is up.
Lets make the most of it.

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