Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 28

Today was the last day of NY. I might miss it a bit. NY is really cool.

This morning we did the Empire State Build tour. I was a bit annoyed with the tour, only because it was so commercialized and so crowded. I was expecting to go into the awesome lobby of the building, go in the elevator and click floor 86 or 102 and go there, say hello to the guard at the top and go out onto the landing. THINK AGAIN. Include checkpoints, entering and exiting 3 different elevators, hundreds of people, no AC, and ugly rooms the tourists were forced to be in.

Anyway, at the top is was neat to see the city. Got some cool pics. I was ready to go tho. Had some burgers for lunch.

We hopped in a cab and road down to Soho. Soho is freakin' sweet. It's alot less crowded and the buildings are smaller, and there is actually greenery (trees) every once and a while. I found an Urban Outfitters..woot. Soho is bustling with energy and you can feel the "youthfulness" of that part of the city.

After Soho, took a cab back to Rockefeller Center. Found the Nintendo World store - I was impressed. 2 stores with nintendo games, toys, and shirts galore. I was hoping to find a demo of the new Zelda game, but...*sigh* I didn't lol.

My sister wanted to go to the MTV store in Times Square so we did that. I really don't like TS that much, it's so dirty and crowded. I mean, don't get me wrong it's an awesome spot to see at night...just not to spend lots of time there. I hit up the Virgin records megastore opossite the MTV building and found Metric's new CD for 10 bucks. Woot. My sister got a shirt at the mtv place.

I desperately wanted to go to the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) up on 53 street. So we took a little hike there, stopping at this cute little french book store. Salut! The musuem was like 20 bucks a piece to go in, so yeah, it wasn't worth that..but we got to go to the design stores across the street. Lots of books on art, architecture, and decorating. Very cool.

Back to the hotel to rest, everyone was dead.

Yankee game! This is a definite thing everyone needs to try to do when in NY. I was actually really entertained at the game, it was packed and you got to see the real people of NY. This old 80 year old guy that's been announcing the games forever kept everyone entertained. All the food was crazily expensive but I guess it goes along with the experience. Oh, and we got free Yankee hats. woo

Took the subway back to Grandcentral and then walked to this little pizza place we've been before. Had a slice of pizza, then super tired, retreated to back to the hotel where I am now. I am laying in this soft cool bed and it feels so good lol.

Tomorrow we leave this epicenter of craziness and city life and head back to the more quiet, less polluted and corn based towns of the midwest.


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