Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 29

This morning I was still in Nyc, now I'm in IL. boo

So we all slept in alot - we were all really tired. Got cleaned up and found this breakfast cafe up Madison by the hotel and had food there. Then got back to the hotel in time to pack things up, get a cab, and take our last look at Manhattan the driver took us to the airport.

The fly back was good/short. Ate food, listened to the new Metric album I got...good stuff, I also go to sleep a bit. Took some pics. Landed in St. Louis, got the bags while my Dad went to get the car. We had to idea of checking UrbanOutfitters at the galleria for my shoes since I liked these ones at uo in ny. But..they didn't have my size there either. Boo.

Slept in the car ride home. Rested, got to get online!!, and took a shower. OH and got this blog up to date. Check it out!

Tonight I hung with Erin, Whit, and Dan. We drove downotwn to find bands but didn't have any luck. Ending up at Coldstone then to the fairgrounds to see the Rodeo but left. Dropped dan off, then Erin and Whit went home.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. No work either. yay

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noxious said...

Wow, Dax! You've really out-done yourself. All the pictures are wonderful and I like the descriptions too. I'm glad you had a good time!
We have to hang out soon! Like tonight?