Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 27

This morning me, Mom and sister went and had pancakes at this little cafe on 5th, it was really good. All these crazy cool business ladies came in and got their bagels and coffee, then they'd truck out of their with their big glasses and ipods.

Ok so after breakfast we took a walk down towards Grand Central station. It's really impressive, the inside and the outside. I could see where they filmed a scene in Eternal sunshine! Oh, and I got up on the 2nd floor and took lots of pics and tried some time exposures. They all came out really good i think. then we stopped at some stores on the way back to the hotel. I took some city shots that turned out really cool when I bumped up the contrast and lighting, they look almost like a drawing. Check it out!

At the hotel I found my Dad in the room. He had just got out his little meeting things. We rested up, then headed to our "guided tour of southern Manhattan". This crazy ass lady with huge sunglasses and 80's sandals gave us the most detailed tour of these old buildings down by City Hall. She took us to the court houses and old old parts of New York. She took us into this old church where everyone posted their missing person things and flowers for the victims of 911. Then we walked to ground zero. It's a pretty big hole in the ground.

My parents had enough of the tour and I guess it was over, so we left. Headed back down to the subway, only got turned around once. Headed up town on the 4-5. Got off at the second stop, grand central, and walked to 45th where our hotel is.

The subways are pretty cool. Not toooo dirty, but def a fast way to get around.

Uhm, so yeah we were really hot. And we need to rest and get cleaned up for the dinner cruise we had at 6. All took showers and got dressed up. All the judges and families took buses to the east end of Manhattan on the Hudson. On the way we passed through Times square at rush hour..HOLY shit. It's so crazy. OH! But me and my Mom swear we saw/definitely saw Horaldo (sp?) - that news reporter on Fox. Yeah it was him.

The boat/dinner cruise was the best thing so far of the trip. We got to have this really nice dinner, on a boat, cruising down the Hudson, see Manhattan and Jersey at night, drive right up close to the statue of liberty. The city is so pretty at night. I really really like NY at night. We passed under the Brooklyn bridge. Yeah..NY's def stylin' at night.

Back to the hotel on the bus. The hotel elevators were acting dumb again. These damn elevators at this hotel SUCK. There's like 20 people waiting in the lobby to go up and the elevators take forever, sometimes you tell them to go up..and they'll go down and stop on floors that no one is on. So I was like, screw this. Me and my sister snuck into the Staff room and road the Staff elevator up to the 16th floor.

The rest of the night was spent laying in bed, editing pics and writing this. Tomorrow is our last day. Gonna try to do a lot..Empire State, SoHo, Art Museum, Ccentral Park.



Alley said...

Sixth down is beautiful

noxious said...

2, 5, and 6