Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 26

Today was pretty cool. Got to sleep in, then headed out with my Mom and sister. We walked south on 5th ave. instead of north toward Central Park. I found a BestBuy and bought the DFA1979 album (which is totally kickass). Walked all the way to the Empire State Building and got some awesome pics. Turned west and walked toward Broadway street.

On Broadway we checked out another H&M and did Macys, which is MASSIVE. So much stuff in there.

Hmm..We headed back to the hotel and got some McDonalds for lunch (lol). Ate it in the room with Dad who just got out of his meeting. He had some left over pizza from the night before.

We needed a bit to rest, but Dad wanted to go back out so we did. We headed towards the garmet district, passing though Times Square again. Side note: TS if fucking crazy. You can't fucking BREATHE. SO much is going on there. That intersection of streets is like the epitome of man's destruction. I mean, the MTV and the Virgin stores/locales are all awesome...just the cramming together of it all is horrible. And the sidewalks there are so crowded, I mean..ew.

Anyway, we found some little fabric shops and also hit the Old Navy (4 levels). Finally walked back to the hotel, stopping for a fruit smoothie which was totally yummy.

Back at the hotel I rested and listened to the album. We all started to get cleaned up, showered and ready for the cocktail and dinner party. The before-party took place at the NYC Bar Association building. It was on 43th W? I think, yeah. Old Building. During that time...I took an adventure to the upper levels only to discover the most kickass library ever. AND there were computers with internet, so I jumped online and surfed for a bit, before rejoining the crowd downstairs.

The dinner was at this "pricey" chinese restaurant on 40th. There were 7 courses! The food was crazy. Some was good, and other food wasn't lol. I mean I'm sure it was all very expensive well-made authentic chinese food, I just didn't like most of it. I totally had an awesome time at dinner tho. We got to sit with these judges from IL and Ohio, on and this lady for Oregon. Side Note: Woman judges are fucking amazing. They're brilliantly smart and so sharp..omg. Oh, and we didn't get fourtune cookies?!

The walk back to the hotel made NY feel so cool. At night it's not so crowded and the buildings are all lit up. Very very cool.

Tonight caught the episode of PR. Im in love with the young blonde girl from LA. Oh, and for the upcoming "scandal"...Im betting someone is using patterns or stealing other people/designers looks, but that's only a guess. I wonder if that cocky SoB will get booted.

Tomorrow is nothing 'till 2 when we take a tour of southern manhattan.Go to ground zero, i think Wall Street...and idk what else. Hopefully we can check out Soho too! Omgz and in the morning I want to walk to Grand Central, which is just next door..or we can walk north to Central Park and do the art museums..yay.

NY is def really cool. Lets see how the rest of the week unfolds. G'night.


Alley said...

Glad you're having a good time
I really like the second pic

noxious said...

2 & 4