Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 25

Yeah, it sucks...there's no internet at our hotel. It costs 15 bucks a day...Wtf? I mean, you'd think a hotel in Manhattan would have free wifi, but I guess not.

So here's how the day went.

Got up early, drove to St. Louis and boarded the plane. I got the window seat, Yay! The flight went fast and our pilot was cool. He drove us right over the city and did a circle back to the airport. We landed at LaGuardia, then jumped in a cab and rode it to Midtown.

Our hotel "The Roosevelt" is really nice on the outside...but is pretty lame. Maybe I'm just tiffed about the wifi lol.

After we got settled in, we went out. We walked towards 5th avenue. Ok downtown NY is pretty crazy. So totally different than anything I've experience before. The hustle and bustle, the smells, the sounds. In the beginning I found it annoying, but now..i really like it. There's so much to do and see.

5th Avenue has some pretty expensive shops like Armani, Tiffanys, and a bunch of others that have like 15 things inside and the door is guarded by a large black man that I guess only lets "worthy" looking people in.

We walked all the way down to central park and there I found the apple store! It's beautiful! So many people were down inside that thing. I think there is free internet too, so maybe I'll hit that tomorrow. We turned around and walked back on the other side of 5th avenue. H&M is one of my new favorite stores. The clothes are kickass, and def not too expensive. I got jeans and a shirt. Journeys had the same Asics as the Springfield shop does.

We took a detour down to Rockaffeller Plaza(sp?) Saw the today's show and the NBS stuff, the GE building, oh and that little place where you can ice skate in the winter. I FUCKIng trounced everywhere looking for the damn Nintendo store and couldn't find it. I think we're gonna go back tomorrow and i'll look again, it's on 47th. Oh, and there's this cute little french bookstore that I fell in love with, and I need to go back.

A couple streets to the west we ran into Times Square. Holy shit that place is crazy. Especially because some rapper was signing CDs at the Virgin record super store. I'm gonna go back to Times Square tho, Im finding DFA1979's CD. Hmm, so now it was like 7-8 and we were super tired and hungry. We found this little pizza place and got a pizza and lots of drinks and sat. It felt so good and the food was awesome.

I def got under the covers by 9 tonight.

Oh how I wish I could lay in bed and IM everyone...sigh.

G'night, miss you all.

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