Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holyyy shiterz

OK. We're at this fucking OLD building for the NYC Bar association and all of a sudden I start roaming around...and I freaking find this MASSIVE old library with like millions of old books. AND I find some computers. Now, I'm sort of dressed up so I guess they think I am allowed to be here? Lol, so I just like walked in the front door and came here. Holy shiters this is amazing.

Ok, AND i have Rita with me and there's wifi...but you need a password. I'm contemplating going up to the lady at the desk and asking what the password is. If I do that, you'll probably see my posts.

Ok..and as for the daily posts. I'm taking lots of pics and keeping an entry for each day, so I'll be able to post them all once I get some internet access. Ok. I'm STILL fucking ticked there is no internet in my hotel.

OMG and as for NY. IT's freaking CRAZY. Times Square is so noisy and crowded - that part of new york bothers me. BUT the part that's like less crowded, the backstreets, the shops - that I really like. OH..and I like all the stylin' people, especially the business men.

Wow, ok. So i'm typing really fast and I should head back down to the party. After this little "cocktail hour" all the judges are having dinner at this supposed facny chinese place...and we get like 5-6 courses? HELLZ yes I'm so hungry.

Kelsey you'd love this library.

Im out!


Dan said...


Are you SURE there is no internet in your hotel... I mean, that doesn't make ANY sense... its in the middle of NYC!

If I were you I would go ask the clerk..maybe they dont have free wi-fi? Only hardwire?

Ask around boi!

noxious said...

Ohh! Take lots of pictures of it!

Miss you!