Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24

Downtown went fast today. I finshed up the brochure, cleaned out my iTunes library, had a good lunch.

About 2.30 I met my Dad at his office and he drove me home. We hit like a standstill on I55, which was never happened lol - being this is central Illinois. There was construction, but I'm starting to notice more people and tourists around here. mhmm.

Hmm, worked the pool 4-8. Everyone was gone by 6 but then these people started showing up with food and tableclothes, so I could tell there was a pool party. They suck because Barb schedules them during your shift, so you don't get extra pay for the party. Oh, and it sucks cause they stay 'till 8. Well it got overwith and I came home.

The night was been spent packing, saying goodbyes, seeing Dan and charging ipods and camera batteries for tomorrw.


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