Monday, July 24, 2006

July 23

Woke up today to my eyes hurting because I guess I had forgotten the night before to take out my contacts. I had some sort of soup for breakfast, I think it was potato.

I worked at the pool from 12-4. It was a bit crowded, but I had the radio turned up and took my breaks in the AC every hour, so it was cool.

Had dinner with gparents at our house - chicken wings. After dinner I took a shower, then Kelsey came over. We went in search for the DFA1979 album but had no luck. We took a detour on the way home and road by the girl scout camp, parked, and then walked to this abandonned summer home on the lake. We couldn't get in, so we walked back. At the camp we tried to walk into the woods toward the buildings, but saw a group of people with flashlights and got scared and ran away.

At my house we walked Signs. GOD that movie is genious. So much better than Lady in the Water. After the movie we attempted to take a walk in the corn, but i got freaked.

Tomorrow is eye appointment around 9. Then work. 1 day 'till NYC! Woot.

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NaiveMelody6 said...

Funny, I liked Lady in the Water more than Signs.