Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 22

Today started off pretty slow, late breakfast...haircut at noon.

Around 2 I went on a little bike ride with Kelsey. I wonder if that'll be the last bike ride we have for a while...

After dinner at grandparents, met up with Clayton and Dan to go to this girl's house in Chatham. All these crazy crunk preppy people were there. Drew was there and when I came back later with just Dan, he was soooo out of it. He def had way to much to drink. Even tho it was annoying, I found it quite amusing lol. Picked up Erin. We drove around and then went to see Adam after dropping Dan off at 11.30.

Took Erin home, then came home about 12. It's nice to lay in bed and write things down like this. The pics today I was happy with. Kelsey's shot of me I like.

Tomorrow...I work at 12 i think, Idk. I need to call Austen. G'night

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noxious said...

All the colors are really nice in those.