Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 19

Worked downtown 'till about 2.30. Hung out with Kelsey and Allison for a bit at the Farmer's Market then did a shoot for my Dad at the courthouse. It was a bit intimidating, but super cool. I'll work on the shots tomorrow at work - then post them.

Hmm..after work I chilled at home for a bit then did the lifeguard thing in Auburn. Kelsey showed up at 5 to do a swimming lesson. Then the storms started rolling in. I got a call from Clayton telling me him and Drew were trapped in B&N haha. Me and kelsey rushed to clear out the pool then raced down to the clubhouse. We hid in the women's bathroom and lit a candle. There were alot of drunk people there and it annoyed me. They were just fucking standing outside.

Anyway the storm passed, then Erin, Becca, and Jo came to chill and watch PR. WTF JUST LEAVE VINCENT! Anywho. Then we watched the ending of KB V.1 then V.2. Jeeeze there's so much dialogue. It's tought to watch with a crowd, especially at 1am lol.

Hmmmm..I might come in late to work tomorrow so i can sleep a bit :]

Mallory @ 12 for lunch!!

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noxious said...

lol.. yeah they look a little goofy.