Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 18

Downtown work today took forevverrrrr. This computer would NOT cooperate. We must've been in the basement of this office for four hours, waiting for the computer to update itself, and having to listen to these two lame ass girls talk about nothing for 4 hourss...UGHz.

After work I rested, ate food, download Adobe InDesign for work. I've been trying to redesign this brochure work a week and it hasn't happened. I want it to look good damnit.

After dinner, met up with clayton. We went to the mall and got some pics, I got a sweet hat. Saw people there. Then headed downtown to check out the MF show, didn't go in. Walked around for bit and took shots. Back to Lesley's to hang out and eat some food. Her sister was watching this crazy ass movie, it was almost-basically a porno. Haha!

Tomorrow I was NOT supposed to work, but because my dad talked to my boss..I am. WTF. Ya


Alley said...

I like your hat

noxious said...


And were you like staying in a hotel room or something..? Yeahok.