Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 17

Downtown 'till around 3.

Hung out and relaxed at home 'till dinner. Went out for my neighbors birthday. She's the one with the glass in yesterday pic. My gparents came too. The food was good. Afterward I tried to get the shoes I wanted from the mall, but I'm so undecisive. Size? Color? Make? Yeahh..

Left there and found Erik's house. I like it, it's homey. We drove downtown and messed around, took some pictures and walked around. Then went to the theater to see a movie, but my parents were dumb and said I couldn't go. I said g'byes and went home.

Erin called me on my way home and said she was bored, I said she could come hang for a while. We watched half of Kill Bill V1.

Tomorrow is just downtown, then idk.

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Alley said...

The second one is awesome