Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20

Downtown today. Met Mallory for lunch. We went to this cool little grocery store/restaurant. We had little sandwhiches, it was fun. Normally for lunch I'm alone or go see my dad so it was nice to meet with someone! I should do it more often :]

Hmm..I went home around 2. Got an hour of relaxing before Auburn lifeguarding at 4. It was crowded all the way 'till 8 - sucked. Towards the end I heard the slightest bit of thunder and I was like, "OK POOLS CLOSED!" Hahah.

Home after work and just stayed in and took it easy. Fixed some of the pics for my dad. I don't like how they turned out. Half of the people just look retarted, no one could smile. I'll show my dad the proofs in the morning or tomorrow - see what he says.

I def need to start bookin' it on this brochure at work. I just don't know where to start! Once I get started I'll be fine..I just..can't lol.

Tomorrow is the same work schedule. Blegh.

Saturday I'm off tho!! ;D

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