Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 1

Doctor's appointment early this morning. I rode with my Mom and we got to talk which we haven't done in a while - it was nice. After the SHOT, went to circuit city. Picked up a memory card for camera (1GB) and then Dan's present!!

When I got home it was time to go work. 12-4.

Got home, rested a bit, got cleaned up and then hitched a ride with Ryan to the theater to see Superman for the party. It was awesome, really good. Some parts could have been really corny, but weren't. The photography was really well done, almost every other shot could have been a photo. Some of the angles were kind of "artsy" which made it interesting. Good film overall. And the actor that played superman did a good job.

Back to Dan's house for pizza and gaming. Me and ryan didn't really game so we took a walk.

Today's shots were..meh. I'll try more tomorrow. g'night.