Saturday, July 01, 2006

June 30

I got up around 9 this morning. Called in downtown and said I wasn't coming in. Then I got cleaned up and went to Auburn to work the 10am private pool party, only it was raining and I never got the message they moved it to 12. But it was cool, I just sat and listened to my iPod and read. Clocked in at 11.45 then did the party 'till 2. AND I still got 20 bucks cash :]

After that, uhm..OH I talked to Kelsey and her and Dan came over. We went around town trying to buy a SD card for my camera, but after many attemps, we didn't have enough money lol. I think I'm gonna get it tomorrow with my Mom after my shot thingy.

When we got back Kelsey had to go and me and Dan went and picked up Ryan then headed to Carolyn's party!! It was funnnn. Indecision did good. They rocked the entire lake lol. Some people would pull up on pontoon boats and be like "YEAHHH!!" Hahaha. Then everyone wanted to swim, so we raced home and got our suits, got back, swam for almost 2 was really nice.

Got back about 12. Tomorrow is the shot, SD purchase, work 12-4 lifeguard, then Dan's bday partyy! :]


noxious said...

I like the second to last. The lake was so pretty tonight with all the boats, yeah?

Carolyn v said...

that's my house!
Awesome pics!
Good thing u didn't put the one of me up! hahaha

Dan said...